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meg k walsh

Meg k Walsh was raised in Southern New Hampshire. She fell in love with ceramics in high school and pursued her fascination with clay in western New York at Alfred University. After Graduating in 2007 she moved to Portland Maine where she pulls inspiration from the woods, the sea, and the architecture of the city.

C&M Ceramics

In the Spring of 2016 Meg k Walsh and long time studio partner Christine Caswell combined creative forces and started C&M Ceramics, a small production and Ceramic branding company in Portland Maine. C&M Ceramics creates custom tableware and giftware for restaurants and business, as well as several striking wholesale collections. Click the link above to learn more. 

Bayside clay center

In 2013, with the guidance and support of RWS Studio owner Kate Anker,  Meg and Christine helped to build out and create Bayside Clay Center at the new RWS Studio at 250 Anderson street. The Clay center is a makers space that focuses on creating better access to equipment as well as elevating ceramic art and artists in Maine and New England. Bayside Clay, housed within the RWS Studio building, currently has over 20 clay artists, working in a variety of ways and materials.